My Edge Home Inventory Software

Why Home Inventory Software?

Why do you need a Home Inventory?

A. You pay hundreds of your hard earned dollars per year for your home owner's insurance. Over a period of years, that adds up to multiple thousands of dollars.

B. Would you get your money's worth from your insurance if you suffered a catastrophic loss of the contents of your home? Would you be reimbursed for every one of the valuables you lost?

C. No one expects to have such a loss. But when it happens, you rarely get any forewarning. And the vast majority of people are poorly prepared.

D. Do you even know whether you have enough insurance to cover a catastrophic loss of your belongings, or whether you are over-covered? Or have you just taken your insurance agent's word for it, based upon the insurance company's estimates of "the average household".

E. Think for a moment about yourself in the situation of having just suffered a catastrophic loss of your belongings. How much confidence would you have in an insurance adjuster making general estimates of what you did and did not lose? Or, would you rather have some hard evidence about those things at your fingertips?

F. So insurance is a necessary evil. But, is there an easy and low cost way to make your home owner's insurance more effective? Would such a thing be worth it?

G. The cost of My Edge Home Inventory is a tiny fraction of the yearly cost of your insurance, but it can make your insurance significantly more valuable.

H. An average size home can be inventoried using My Edge Home Inventory in just a few hours.

I. If you put off doing a home inventory, you won't ever get around to it. Purchase and download My Edge Home Inventory now, and schedule a definite time to do your home inventory. Don't get caught without one.

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